Substance Abuse Recovery Residence For Women in Hickory, NC


Angel of Hope House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, in Hickory, NC.  It is a substance abuse recovery women only shelter.  The organization provides a safe and comprehensive environment for the women.  Angel of Hope House utilizes a house that provides a safe and comprehensive environment for the stay of transitional women.  It will be supervised by the Executive Director with the assistance of the House Manager and volunteers.  Residents will be provided with a furnished room with utilities, and laundry facilities. This will be a home-like environment, where all residents participate in the operation of the house, including weekly house meetings.

Women who are accepted into the home will be assisted with finding permanent housing before they leave.  They will be required to find employment through job placement agencies and similar organizations.  We will also offer our referral services to women who are not residents of the home.  There is a specific need for this kind of housing because women who do not have families that will accept them, have an especially difficult time in finding a place to live. This program will benefit low and moderate income individuals because women are often in these economic categories and do not have the financial resources to make a smooth transition back into society.  It will further benefit the community by reducing the homeless population and crime. 

The primary aim of our job training and educational activities will be to bring the women back into society.  We want to show them that there are other sides of life than what they have experienced. 

Joyce Crouse

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