Substance Abuse Recovery Residence For Women in Hickory, NC


Angel of Hope House is exclusively for women 18 years of age and older who are motivated for recovery from alcohol and/or drug dependency conditions.  It is a one-year transitional point for women.  The Angel of Hope House is individualized to each woman's needs.  "Time" is often the most important element in learning a new way of life without alcohol or drugs.  Home visits are approved as the individual progresses in the program.  Home visits are granted for a night or weekend away from from home after 60 days.  Passes will not be granted more frequently than twice per weekend.

"Angel of Hope House", embraces the 12-Step Program philosophy and daily attendance of AA meetings is an integral part of the program.  Whether or not a resident can work is individualized, but  most people need several months to completely integrate into the program and recovery community.



  • Spiritually based facility
  • Sober living environment
  • Daily in-house meetings
  • Education about alcoholism/addiction
  • Provide service/care based on individual needs
  • Provide treatment based on individual needs